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Thank you for considering Employment with SSCClean

Some of the important qualities and needs of our Team Members.


On time to work.

Our Employees are Important. Showing up on time and not missing work helps in keeping our customers happy and does not put a strain on the other team members.


Do you like to Clean?

Most see cleaning as a horrible way to spend their time. SSCClean wants those who like to clean, takes pride in their results. They think cleaning is Awesome!


Smart phone Connectivity

Do you have a smart phone? See your schedule, your work hours, facility duties, texting abilities and clock-in and out using your smart phone. You are never alone!

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These are some of our awesome features with SSCClean:

Build lasting relationships by providing customers with value.

Become an Facility Environment Specialist. You can train in many different aspects of cleaning.

Use your smart phone to be with Management 24/7.

SSCClean is looking for candidates to clean and maintain facilities throughout Central Illinois.

From Full time to Part time. Many positions are open.

Our Team members start at a Part time level. In House training and on the job training begins your journey with SSCClean. Your abilities will show us the type of worker you are, and they will push you forward and up to better opportunities. Its all up to you!

Benefit One

We train you. Our cleaning is based on certain guidelines and procedures. Enabling you to provide cleaning thoroughly and quickly.

Benefit Two

You will not be left alone. We strive to place 2 Team members at every location. For added help and security.

Benefit Three

Your smart phone is a direct link to your hours, schedule, customer duties and immediate contact to Management. You will have access to the needs of every account you clean.

Benefit Four

Want to grow, make more money. SSClean promotes within our ranks. When other jobs become available, they are presented to our current staff.

Benefit Five

Benefits are available for those working 35 plus hours per week, after a 1 Year Period. Benefits include paid Holidays, Paid Sick Leave, One week Vacation, Health club pass and Health Insurance.

Benefit Six

We strive to make your work fun. We will have parties, get together's and meetings to help you at your work place. Its all about you - our Team Member. You will be recognized for going above and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

What positions are available?

We clean and maintain many accounts in Central Illinois. Some positions are out of town. If you live outside of Mattoon, IL, there may be positions open in your City. Most positions are available after 5 pm, when the facilities are closed.

What hours are available?

Starting with SSCClean, you are placed as a Part time Employee. Cleaning once to 5x per week, dependent on your needs and schedule. Most Part time workers avaerge 10-15 hours per week. Most hours are completed between 5 pm and Midnight based on the cleaning needs for each facility.

What if I have a criminal record?

Background checks are required to work for SSCClean. If you have been convicted of a felony. Most of our clients will not allow you in their facility. However, some may if you can provide information on your current standings from counselors , Probation officers and Judges.

Must I have a drivers license?

Yes....you must have your own reliable means of transportation to get to your place of work. SSCClean supplies a vehicle if more than 2 facilities are cleaned in a given night. Travel time is paid for locations 15 minutes outside of City Limits. Please have a valid drivers license available at the time of your Interview.

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